How to Lose Your Virginity | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V


Sexual Behaviours Compensate for Responsiveness

Women use behaviours to substitute for responsiveness. Gays indicate that men are much more promiscuous than women. Women provide for men’s needs to obtain emotional control.

Women Have Varying Degrees of Sexual Willingness

Women’s desire to be accepted by pleasing a lover. Female orgasm acts as a token of female pleasure & consent. Women’s silence allows men to ignore a lack of enthusiasm.

Women Are Often Disappointed With Casual Sex

For some men, sexual freedom is important. Casual sex focuses on intercourse as a default. Women are typically looking for a relationship.

Women Attract Men by Sexualising Themselves

Sexual display to obtain admiration & reassurance. Women compete with each other to obtain male admiration. Men need to focus on what women do, not what they say.

Seduction: She’s Out of My League

So, you really like this girl, but you think that you don’t have a shot at her because she’s the most popular and clearly the best looking one within a two-mile radius. Well, if you know how to seduce a woman out of your league, then you’d know that it is very much possible. Change your negative beliefs If you already think that you don’t have a shot, then you already lost.

The Sexual Politics of Women Competing Over Men

Women’s dependence on men motivates them to please men. Women boast about orgasm rather than discuss erotic turn-ons. Men are not interested in female orgasm but simply amenability.

Male Propaganda: Saying Women Should Enjoy Sex

Political & emotional pressure silence women. Porn reassures men that women truly want sex. Marriage involves an implicit trade: sex for support.

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