Sex Technique Women Love (“Shallow Thrusting”) | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

Sex Technique Women Love ("Shallow Thrusting") | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

My Wife Is Initiating Sex and I Don’t Know About It

Every man wants his wife to initiate sex sometimes. The thing is she might not be doing it or saying it the way that the husband desires to receive it but that doesn’t mean it’s not happen. In this article husbands and wives will be able to identify with these common miscommunications and bring some resolve to them.

Women’s Need for Affection Drives Regular Relationship Sex

Women provide the lead in to sex by responding with affection towards a man they love. Men assume a woman’s loving response indicates an amenability to sex.

Some Men Expect Women to Make Sex “Exciting” for Them

Men set their expectations by pornography. Naturally they are disappointed when women in real life do not provide the same erotic turn-ons during sex.

Quickly Turning Away From Pornography and Why It Matters

Instead of focusing on the production and distribution of pornography as the primary issue, we need to focus on ourselves and our conscious decision to either view it or look away. When we make the choice to guard our hearts and not participate with the exploitation of another’s sexuality, we are following our moral compass and taking a stand against a culture of darkness.

39 Magic Affirmations to Ramp Up Your Sex Life

Some say you can reach any goal, including improving your sex life, with positive thinking. Though we believe some things are out of reach no matter what you do, positive affirmations can help you with what is within reach.

7 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage and Get Your Sex Life Back on Track

The absence of sexual intimacy in a marriage is not always bad, if both spouses honesty feel that they are satisfied and happy in their relationship even without an active sex life, then a sexless marriage is okay and works for them. But if the lack of physical intimacy in a marriage is not okay and makes a spouse feel unloved and unhappy, it is best to fix a sexless marriage as early as possible before it could lead to other marital problems.

Does Size Matter? 2,000 Women Reveal The Best Penis Size And How Much It Matters

A 2,000 women study reveals the best penis size and fascinating insights in the age-old questions: does size matter? Women rank the importance of size among dozens of other factors. It turns out size is about as important as nice hair and it lost big time from a good smile. The realisation shared in this article comes straight from women and will be of great help you if you are insecure about this area. This study was done by Alex Allman form Revolutionary sex, who I recently had the pleasure to interview. I here share with you the important question every man should ask himself regarding size.

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