How To Bring The Love Back With John Gray

How To Bring The Love Back With John Gray

How To Last Longer In Bed – These 4 Easy Techniques Will Boost Your Sexual Stamina

How to last longer in bed naturally. And learn how to end premature ejaculation permanently.

Girls Who Have One Night Stands!

Whatever happened to no sex before marriage? Personally in my opinion I don’t think there is anything wrong with girls who have one night stands, as long as both male and female are physically and emotionally responsible for there actions. Equally no other parties are involved which would make this situation much more complicated, resulting into infidelity.

Instant Gratification – The Weapon Called Sex

Let’s have a NecessaryChat about sex, and what we’ve been doing with it. What could we be doing with the sex act?

Hotwifing and the Four Stages of Cuckolding

Almost every marriage where cuckolding becomes the norm passes through these stages, and it’s important to realise they are entirely natural and normal. In this article, we explore what these four stages are and what they mean for you and your marriage.

The Ultimate Hotwife Lifestyle

What many men — and even fewer women — realize when they first start taking the idea of hotwifing and cuckolding as a serious possibility for them, is they are subtly changing the dynamic of their relationship and setting themselves up for a true lifestyle change. We look at the detail of this exciting process in this article.

How Long Should a Man Be Put in Chastity in the Beginning?

The question of how long should a man be put in chastity in the beginning is a very common one I’m asked by women. And it usually is women who ask me because their husbands have begged for chastity and the women have agreed… only to come up against the hurdle of figuring out exactly what it means and how long it’s supposed to last for. We answer that in this article.

How To Start Hotwifing

The question of how to start hotwifing is not as simple to answer as you might think. Or, rather, there is a simple answer but it’s not a very useful one: “just go out and fuck another man, dear”. Alas, that’s a recipe for disaster. In this article we look at one sensible way to do it.

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