How To Be The Man She Wants

How To Be The Man She Wants

3 Of the Most Sensitive Sexual Parts of the Female Body

If you really want to please your lover, here are the three biggest hots spots on the female body that you should know about. While some of these may be obvious, others are not. Find out where these hot spots are and how to stimulate them to give her amazing pleasure.

Creating A Romantic Environment

Sex plays a major role in the relationship between a man and a woman and an unkempt room will ensure that you get less and less of it. If you have kids, it is important to ensure that you clear all the toys and the soiled diapers and clothes out of your bedroom. You need to have your own space as a couple.

Dirty Talk During Sex

The idea of dirty talk is to make sex more interesting. Dirty bedroom talk is an art that is learnt and acquired from frequent practice. It lightens up the mood and relaxes the couple right before sex.

How Men and Women Differ When It Comes to Sexual Fantasies

Fantasies and sharing them with your partner can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. And, odds are male and female sexual fantasies are more alike than you think. Find out more about how Men and Women differ when it comes to their sexual fantasies. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Why Are Men Vulnerable to Losing Control of Their Sexual Behavior?

Men are known to be more vulnerable to losing control of their sexuality. This article explores why this is the case and how to treat it.

The Benefits of Practicing Tantric Sex

The benefits of practicing Tantric Sex or High Sex are many. Tantric sexual states have long been associated with similar high states of Theta wave as achieved by meditation. The primary purpose of these high states of sexual energy has been to achieve unity consciousness or ‘mahamudra’ with life. Any sexual activity is beneficial not only to the body but to the psyche as well.

Quick Tip To Improve Your Sex Life: Cuddle!

Most of us understand that cuddling before sex is often successful in bringing people close. For most of us cuddling is part of foreplay.

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