Discover the Role of Sex in Marriage

Sex plays a lot of role in marriage and the family; it unites husband and wife, solidifies their love but lack of it can destroy a very promising union. No wonder the Bible says that once a man and a woman is married, they have become one, they are no longer permitted to hide their bodies from each other. Investigation carried out shows that majority of men who commit adultery or go the extra mile of marrying another woman are as a result of sex punishments they receive from their wives. Some men even sleep with their house help or sister-in-laws in order to get at their wives.

How to Make Him Want You More – Irresistible Sex Tips for Women to Drive Him Crazy in Bed

If you want to make your man drool over you and be the best woman in his eyes, these tips will help you to do just that. You can command him in the bedroom and you can totally learn how to dominate him too. Start making that happen now.

How to Choose a Safe Partner

Relationships can be rewarding, long lasting and safe if you know what steps you should take to prevent from getting involved with a dangerous, unsafe person. The best way to prevent becoming involved with someone who is risky is to learn to spot signs of dangerous predators. Signs: If a person appears too good to be true, it is a clear warning sign to stay back.

Women Deserve an Unbiased Account of Their Sexuality

Sex information today reflects sexual fantasy rather than research findings. Political and emotional motivations influence current beliefs about women’s sexual responsiveness.

Best Ways to Satisfy Your Wife Sexually

Intimacy and sexual satisfaction is an important part of a marriage because it is through lovemaking that spouses connect with each other on a deeper level beyond words. Although a marriage is not all about sex, sexual dissatisfaction could lead to relationship problems like infidelity. If your wife is unhappy in the bedroom, you need to do something to spice up things in the bedroom and satisfy your wife sexually. Improving your skills in the bedroom or knowing the best ways to satisfy your wife sexually will not only keep your wife happy but it will also do wonders in your relationship.

Please a Man Sexually – The Most Sizzling Hot Sex Tips for Women to Make Him Orgasm Fast

If you want to please your man sexually and be able to give him some of the greatest satisfaction of his life, then you need a little boost to your sex arsenal. You need to learn some of the most sizzling hot sex tips for women guaranteed to make him orgasm fast. If you want him to hold on for dear life as you ride him to the point of no return, then giddy up, cowgirl, because you can make that happen now.

Avoiding Penis Problems – The Top 5 Benefits of Male Masturbation

Many men are taught that self-stimulation is wrong. This article looks at why masturbation is not only OK, but has important health benefits that can help men to avoid common penis problems.

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