3 Keys To Becoming A Better Lover – Be Great In Bed

3 Keys To Becoming A Better Lover – Be Great In Bed

Sex With Older Women – Why a Young Guy Should Date a Cougar

Lots of sexy older woman have attracted the odd stare and the occasional odd criticism from onlookers for dating younger guys who could be old enough to be their sons. In the past, there were doubts whether a relationship between an older woman with a much younger guy could be successful or not. Why would a young guy who could attract girls his own age go instead for a woman who was old enough to be his mother? Why would a younger guy want sex with an older woman?

Five Ways in Which a Drink Improves Your Sex Life, According to Science

Alcohol, despite being one of the few legal drugs in Spain along with tobacco, has been shown in several studies to be the cause of various diseases: from brain damage to some types of cancer, reasons why should never be consumed. However, some studies have shown benefits derived from alcohol consumption: decrease cardiovascular risk – controversial, according to other studies – improve memory in some individuals and improve sexual relations. Couples who drink together are more united According to The Journals of Gerontology, the mutual consumption of alcohol by a couple…

2 Sex Positions Women Love to Try (But Won’t Tell You Why)

Which sex positions does she really like? Which positions are most likely to help her climax quickly? Do all girls like different sex positions, or are there one or two that are universally good?

Are We Sexually Compatible? The 3 Key Factors Women Need to Check BEFORE She Knows

How sexually compatible are we? Do we like the same things? How important is good sex to HER?

Answering The Million Dollar Question – How To Make A Woman Orgasm?

Just how do you make a women orgasm? The question that every man would love to know; especially those who are having a hard time satisfying their woman in bed.

Reasons That Kill Your Sexual Desire

The problem is that women have so many things in mind, that it is really difficult to relax and let go for pleasure. And if that were not enough, sometimes we self-sabotaged without realizing it! Stress Many of us do things well when we are stressed, but feeling sexy is not one of them.

The Seductive Power of Caresses and the Impact They Have on Your Sex Life

The caresses with an act that leads couples to experience unforgettable feelings and open the door to times of intimacy, but by many are ignored. Raquel Díaz Illescas, a psychologist and sexologist, said in a conversation with the newspaper El Mundo: “This is for you, it is a good way to work the fine touch, calm the mind and learn to caress.” “Yes, it’s not just for you to learn braille, do it if you want.

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