Exxxotica 2022- Day Two

Exxxotica 2022- Day Two

Male Chastity Advice – From an Ultra-Strict Woman

If you’re looking for male chastity advice, then in this article you’ll discover three vital tips for any man considering serious male chastity. And it’s advice from a woman who knows from experience what it takes to keep a man locked and denied 24/7.

Tantra Techniques: Tips On Conscious Touching

A tantra teacher must often help his students unlearn certain concepts before he can begin serious tantra instructions. One of the concepts that most people have hardwired into their belief system is that sexual touching means foreplay. The fact is that in the tantra sex context, touching prior to sexual coupling is not foreplay in the classical sense at all.

The Male Chastity Tube – Why Some Men Need to Wear One

The term ‘male chastity tube’ sounds like something out of the middle ages, especially when you realise its purpose is to prevent the man who wears it from both touching his penis and enjoying an orgasm. But what is the real purpose of the male chastity tube How do they work? And why do so many men beg their wives to make them wear one? Find out in this article from an ultra-strict lifestyle keyholder.

The Male Chastity Experience

The male chastity experience is poorly understood by those not into the lifestyle, and it’s often assumed it means a curtailment of the man’s sex life – and, by extension, the woman’s, too. In this short article, you will discover the truth about the male chastity experience and why so many men beg for it.

Make Sex Fun Again – Five Tips to Reignite Your Sex Life and Put the Sizzle Back Into Making Love

Is you sex life dull and boring? It doesn’t have to be. Use these five easy tips to reignite your sexual passions. It’s easy and fun to get more out of your love making.

The Virtuoso Lover Review

Studies show that one of the reasons why couples go through divorce or break out of a relationship is because both or one of the parties is not satisfied by his or her sexual experience. More often than not, women are always the ones who are not able to achieve satisfaction in lovemaking. Thus, it poses a challenge among men on how they can come up with a strategy or a plan wherein they will be able to bring their partners to the max during lovemaking. The Virtuoso Lover is one book that says it all.

All The Things You Have to Know About Anal Sex – Fun, Safe, Clean, Healthy Sex Tips

Anal sex is a stimulating experience and always attractive to those who haven’t tried it yet, however, one thing you have to remember is that rude ways only lead to pains and even bleeding. This article contains all the things you want to know about anal sex.

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