How To Be Great At Oral Sex #short

How To Be Great At Oral Sex #shorts

Sex, Who Would Have Thought?

Sex is an important part of all successful and healthy marriages. Over the years the intensity of sexual energy may calm but the satisfaction of being loved, touched and cherished over time adds a special ingredient to the experience of being married.

Stop Premature Ejaculation Using Tantra: The New Approach To Lasting Longer In Bed And Better Sex

Stopping premature ejaculation is something which most people have tried to and more often than not, they have failed. This is usually because they use the wrong approach towards ensuring that they last longer in bed. For those who succeed in preventing an early ejaculation, they usually use methods that can be termed as “quick-fixes”.

Sexual Intelligence: Why The Line Between Normal And Bad Sex Is Blurred

In a world where everybody is obsessed with being normal; things can get boring very fast. This includes sexual intercourse. With everybody more interested in how often a normal couple should have sex, how long a woman should take before having an orgasm, how long a man should last in bed and normal sex positions; the number of couples who are having bad sex is bound to rise with every passing day. This is because this is the wrong outlook on sex and when sex is approached wrongly, one can expect nothing other than reduced levels of intimacy and sexual pleasure.

Sex Tips: Performance Anxiety And Tantric Sexual Principles

Performance anxiety is one of the major causes of problems in relationships and marriages. This is because it almost always leads to bad sex. With increased anxiety comes most of the bedroom malfunctions such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and thus more problems in relationships. With tantric sexual principles and sex tips, it is possible to overcome performance anxiety. The following are the reasons why they work.

Sex Tips: Why You Will Always Have Bad Sex

Sex is an important part of our lives. It not only determines how good our relationships with the people we care about are, but it also plays an important role in determining our general well-being. It is therefore sad that the majority of people in the world today suffer through bad sex almost every day of their lives. You may be one of them, and here are reasons why you will probably continue having bad sex for the rest of your life.

Ways To Last Longer In Bed: Tantra Philosophy

There are many ways to last longer in bed. Common methods which men use to last longer in bed include the start-and-stop technique, the squeeze method, strategic foreplay and controlled masturbation. While these methods have proven over the years to be effective in helping men to prevent premature ejaculation, they are only skin deep. They do nothing to enhance sexual pleasure and neither do they truly boost a man’s sexual performance. They are the quick-fixes for lasting longer in bed which solve no problem at all. Tantra sexual principles and sex tips are different. Here is why.

Sex Tips: Benefits Of Tantric Sexual Performance Principles You Should Know About

Tantra has been used for thousands of years to give people satisfaction in life. This includes sexual satisfaction. With Tantric sex tips, it is possible for any man not only to give his partner mind-blowing orgasms, but also orgasms that are long-lasting and with a heightened level of sexual pleasure. This is because Tantric sex tips usually guide a man to a new approach towards sex that ensures both great sexual performance and satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of Tantric tips for sexual intercourse.

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