Do you think you masturbate too much? Here are 6 signs that you might need to cut back!

Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life And Revive Your Relationship

We all pray to have a perfect relationship with our partners. We try very hard to get it right from the start and get along so well. However, no matter how hard we try, sometimes things just starts to cool off and we begin to wonder what has actually gone wrong.

Make Any Girl Climax Very Intensely ANYTIME Through Intercourse Alone – 3 Easy Tips To Follow!

How can you ensure that you make women climax intensely through intercourse every time? It is really not that difficult as long as you make sure you have a few basics covered. I never used to be able to deliver orgasms through intercourse alone, but once I figured out where my shortcomings were, I fixed them quickly and now I am a very satisfying lover who has the confidence to go with it. I’m never nervous when I approach women for sex now!

Understanding Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a dysfunction wherein a person experience decrease in sexual desire. Even just the thought of having sex is not entertained.

The Facts Behind Five Natural Libido Remedies for Women

Women experience loss of libido more so than men. This doesn’t make the experience any less terrifying or worrisome than what men go through. True women’s sexual desires fluctuate wildly over the years but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a cause of concern.

Understanding Loss of Sexual Desire in Women

Do you know that it is now very common for a woman or a wife to experience loss of sexual desire? Do you think you also have sexual problems as you lose interest in making love and having any sexual activities with your partner?

Sexual Desire Is Normal, Sex Is Natural

Sex could be stressful. It is something which could bring emotional problems, especially to women. Common dilemmas revolve around lack of orgasm, sexual pain or physical insecurities; and studies have long been able to prove such claims.

Sexual Desire and Libido for Women

The female human being is created with the capability of producing sexual thoughts and having sexual urges. Thus, women are gifted with the ability to produce libido, or sexual desires.

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