Are You Creeping Women Out?

Sex And The City – The Distortion Of The Meaning Of Love

In order to demonstrate how extreme the meaning of love has been distorted – over a very long period of time, I would like to allude to certain incidents in the past. And, although some may appear offensive to the reader, it would still be worthwhile to mention them for the purpose of illustration. This writer by no means intends to offend his readers. Warning: Some of these illustrations may be “graphic.”

Sex Toys and Air Travel – Considering the Security Issues

Male sex toys are arguably more popular now than ever; while it’s still not considered polite for a guy to drop references to his penis ring into polite conversation, people are more aware of the role that sex toys can play in a man’s sensual life. They often contribute to improved penis health by creating new paths to pleasure for a guy. Still, there are situations in which a man would prefer to keep his preference for sexual playthings private – such as when passing through airport security before boarding a flight.

When Masturbation Goes Horribly Wrong – The 4 Worst Fapping Fails

Masturbation is generally a healthy, beneficial pastime, which is a good thing, since all men do it. On the other hand, guys who overdo it could be in for some of these horrible consequences.

Penetration Play: The Many Types of Dildos and Strap Ons

Regardless of whether your single or your partner is having problems getting an erection, the need for filling your vagina with a penis will always be there. The great thing is, regardless of either of these situations, it is possible to have your sexual urges taken care of without a man’s penis.

Creating Smart and Capable Men

If you’re a woman who has ever wondered how to fix the communication gap between you and the men in your life, this article will give you the ins and outs. Learn how to use your sexuality and desire as forces that not only serve to draw him in and make him stick around–but that actually make him a better man for it.

For the Boys: Men’s Sex Toys

More and more individuals are allowing themselves to have the once-off-limits conversation about sexual toys. While most sexual toys are designed for women, men’s sex toys are becoming more and more popular.

The Ins and Outs of Sex Toys

When it comes to sex, the once very private conservation is becoming more and more socially acceptable in the public environment. From the best sex positions to how to enhance the bedroom experience, pillow talk is moving out of the bedroom and into the public eye.

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