A Must Have For Women In A Relationship #shorts

A Must Have For Women In A Relationship #shorts

Masturbation – Lasting Longer In Bed And Sexual Performance

Lasting longer in bed is the key to better sexual performance. There is no doubt about this. Studies show that masturbating may be a great way not only of making sure that you last longer in bed but also of making sure that you have better health. The following are reasons why you should masturbate and why it will help you stop premature ejaculation.

It’s Not About Sex

Do you sometimes feel an aching hunger in the pit of your stomach? It is a deep longing for something to fill the void you sense is there. One client recently described it as a clenching in his gut and a desperate emptiness with a compelling urgency to fill it.

Best Sex of Your Life Transits

We can all remember a time when we were having the best sex of our lives. Transits can tell us times when our sex lives are going to get a lot more intense, passionate, and pleasureful. Let’s take a look at some transits which can potentially bring you the best sex of your life.

How To Talk Dirty Online And Be Good At It

Discover how to get better at talking dirty online with these tips to help you enjoy sexy talk like you’re supposed to. These examples will help you learn to satisfy whoever you’re chatting with, whether it’s your wife of 10 years or a stranger you just met. Start having fun talking dirty online today!

Bad Mood Ruining the Mood – Vitamin B Can Help

Tension, depression and anxiety can have a negative effect on a man’s relationships. Studies show that negative emotions reduce sexual desire, libido and performance. As poor sexual satisfaction itself exacerbates depression and anxiety significantly, it is important to deal with negative emotions as soon as they appear.

Sexual Compatibility in Astrology

What are the best sexual aspects to have in synastry? Which aspects indicate great sex?

Style or Stripper?

Somebody has to say something about the fashion road we are on, headed to the strip clubs of what’s except-able in our society. Can we get a “What not to Wear” episode and red flag the butt hanging out the shorts look? How long will we let the perverted minds of our clothing industry dictate how our young women are being groomed to look? I get it, “Daisy Duke” was beautiful on the Dukes of Hazzard but this trend we are experiencing is definitely a Hazard to the morals of our communities.

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