The #1 Thing That Kills A Woman’s Attraction – What Turns Women Off

Sex Toys: Use Them in These Positions for Better Sex

Sex toys aren’t just for solo play. Consider what a vibrator can do for a couple’s sex life.

Better Sex Through Simple Exercise

No matter how good his experiences in bed, every man is interested in even better sex. One way to help achieve this is through exercise of the body parts involved in sexual matters.

Mutual Masturbation: Sharing Solo Pleasure

Men and women engage in activities designed for solo pleasure frequently, but mutual masturbation with a partner is not so common. Yet this practice can have many benefits for both partners.

Does Penis Enlargement Treatment Really Work?

It is the desire of every man to have a long penis. Every man wants to fully satisfy his partner during a sexual intercourse. The sex is considered as an important part of a healthy relationship. If the partners are not satisfied with each other, then it will result in the breaking up of the relationships.

How To Get Your Vanilla Partner To Want To Do Kinky Things

How to get your vanilla or straight laced partner to not just participate in, but enjoy and crave kinky things! Specific instructions on how to increase creativity in the bedroom, and introduce activities so that she or he goes from resistant to enthusiastic.

Masturbation: Key to a Man’s Health

Is masturbation healthy? Yes, in many ways! Men just need to learn what to avoid to keep the practice safe and reap the following six health benefits.

Sex in Retirement

It may seem natural that sex declines with age since men lose testosterone while women lose estrogen. This natural occurrence often results in a loss of libido or sexual desire. But, there are a few simple adjustments you can make.

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