5 Ways To Experience More Pleasure In Your Life

Oral Sex and Steak Day – A Man’s Version of Valentine’s Day

There are a few special days throughout the year when a man is almost guaranteed to get lucky. His birthday, his wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day are prime candidates, and now there is Oral Sex and Steak Day.

Sex Problems After Baby

Many couples struggle with sex after the birth of a baby. In fact, it is so common a problem that most people just accept that sex is off the table with a new baby in the house. There’s just not enough sleep, time, or energy to go around.

Sex and Christianity – Why Married Christians Should Be Having Great Sex Constantly

Should married Christians have great sex? Absolutely. Should they become intimate as much as possible? Yes! Here’s why sex and Christianity should be a vitally important part of your life as a married Christian.

When Is the Right Time to “Make Love”?

Many men think that women don’t like “rough sex”. They think that every woman wants to ALWAYS make love. When in actuality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Women love both types of sex and everything in between… You just have to know when to do what.

Keeping Sexual Desire Alive in Your Marriage

Couples in long-term relationships often struggle to keep passion alive. Discover practical tools to help you and your partner nurture passion and sexual intimacy.

Blue Balls and Sexual Tension – Just an Annoyance, or Are They Harmful?

Blue balls are probably the last thing a man wants to come out of a sexual experience. Learn more about the condition and whether it is bad for a man or just a pain in the… well.

Sex Drive Overload – Treating Hypersexuality

A healthy sex drive is a wonderful thing, but crossing the line into hypersexuality invites a wide range of problems. Penis pain is one of these that needs proper and appropriate treatment.

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