2023 AVN Expo Floor Pornstar Interviews: Volume One

2023 AVN Expo Floor Pornstar Interviews: Volume One

Ring a Ding Ding! How to Use a Cock Ring for a Screaming Good Time

Naughty, a little seedy and very popular, cock rings are a very simple yet very effective sex toy. Here’s how they can work for you to create harder erections and a smile on your partners face!

Costumes and Imagination As Sex Toys – Hot or Not?

There’s a lot of hype going on about using costumes, and everyday household items like ‘imagination’ as sex toys! But as hot as some people get for the idea of becoming the naughty schoolgirl or a buffed, bronzed fireman, there are just as many that are completely turned off by them! Today we explore both sides of the role-playing in sex issue, and discover how to get a shy partner randy for imaginative playtime!

How to Make a Woman Have Mind Blowing Orgasms – The Top Tips to Make Her Scream Your Name Out Loud

You want to learn exactly how to make a woman have mind blowing orgasms. You want to be able to give her out of this world pleasure and you literally want to blow her mind. It’s time that you learned the top tips to make her scream your name out loud.

Sexual Pleasures

The persistent need in our culture to maintain the fiction of childhood sexual innocence probably done more to influence our eroticism and to determine what turns us on sexually than any other single cultural factor. ย The danger of being caught in sex play.

4 Erotic and Explicitly Detailed Ways to Make Love That Will Spice Up Your Marriage – Guaranteed!

Here are 4 erotic, sensual and wild sex ideas that will spice up your marriage instantly. You’ll never scream “Help me save my marriage from an affair!” once you begin to inject these hot, sultry tips into your sex life.

12 Step Foreplay Strategy for Men

First of all, your foreplay will start around 6:00 PM and last for at least two hours. If you follow the plan, your woman should be begging for you to make love to her by 8 PM. Take the pressure off of yourself to provide ground breaking foreplay. Spend a little time and effort to enhance your evening…

Herbs and Natural Remedies for Treating Over Masturbation Effects

Side effects of over masturbation can be controlled and treated by herbs and natural remedies. Read this article to know some herbal remedies to treat ill effects of over masturbation.

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