Will Edging Help You Last Longer #shorts

Feel Stressed, Need More Energy And More Sex Drive?

Issues of little energy, stress, fatigue, circulation and general wellbeing can affect your libido which is your sexual desire. As men and women of today juggle long working hours, household chores, family and finance these issues are very common.

How to Please a Woman With Your Fingers – Best Way to Finger a Woman

Your finger is your best tool to arouse a woman sexually… provided you know the techniques to do it. Do note that using your fingers to please a woman does not only mean you must insert your fingers into her vagina in order to please her.

Ancient Tantra – A Modern Viewpoint

The challenge for any genuine tantra master while instructing his students over large distances is to retain tantra’s inalienable sanctity. No matter how one learns it, it must be remembered that sex and sexual experiences are essentially sacred acts that can act as portals to a more advanced spiritual plane.

Learning to Get My Heart and My Penis in The Same Room at The Same Time

I’ve spent forty years being sexual with women, and in all that time I’ve rarely been in a relationship that connected my heart with my penis. When I was younger, it didn’t take much to become aroused, so sex was almost entirely about the physical aspect. And, since I was capable of physical love, I was able to fake emotional love.

Why Can’t I Make My Girl CLIMAX During Intercourse? It Is One Of The Following Reasons, Guaranteed!

I figured out the reason I couldn’t give a girl an orgasm, and I also did a lot of research into the actual science of the female orgasm. What I determined is that if you can’t make your girl climax during intercourse, it is because of one or more of the following reasons.

Sexual Instructions to Rock Your Adult Online Dating Life

Have you ever picked up a book on sexual health, sexual positions, how to give great oral sex or popped in your favorite porn? These are great resources to go to for some sexual instructions. But then comes the rub. Who can you practice with? Enter the world of Adult Online Dating.

Pleasing Your Man – How to Initiate a Blow Job

One of the best things you can do to please a man is to give him a great blow job. Here are some ideas on how to start that will drive him wild.

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