Why You Should Never Pressure Her To Have An Orgasm

Why You Should Never Pressure Her To Have An Orgasm

5 Female Orgasm Tips

For many women an orgasm can be elusive. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve a more satisfying orgasm more often.

Great Sex Tips for Couples

Looking for some ideas to spice up your sex life? Here are five super sex tips for things to try with your partner that will be sure to get the passion flowing.

How to Achieve Orgasms for Women

Are you a woman looking for ideas and tips on how to achieve orgasms? Or perhaps you are a man looking for ways to better help you partner. Here are 5 tips to help you get there.

How to Achieve Orgasms for Men

Are you a man and having difficulty achieving orgasms? It is not uncommon, and many men go through periods when they are unable to ejaculate. This article provides some practical ideas that will help.

Great Sex Tips for Females

Here are some great ideas for women that will really help your sexual pleasure. If you’re looking for more fun in the bedroom here are some ideas that will inspire you.

10 Tips To Giving A Good Blowjob

When we hear about low libido in a relationship, normally we assume it is the problem of females. The fact is men account for about over 30% of total low libido cases. As a woman, you still can do something to overcome his lack of sex drive. Men (same as women) love oral sex. If you are looking for ways to drive him wild in bed, here are the tips on oral sex you can start with.

Sexuality in Art and Music

In ancient times, and in various cultures, the human body and making love was admired and encouraged and was shown through paintings, sculptures, or ceramics. The genitals would often be publicly shown or would even be considerably exaggerated. The extent of the genitalia was declared a symbol of amorous authority or power in man.

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