Why Women Fake Orgasms

Pleasing Your Woman – How to Use Your Fingers to Bring a Woman to Orgasm

Learning how to please your woman with your fingers is a hot topic in many sexuality forums recently. Other than your manhood, your hands are the next best tools during lovemaking.

Pleasuring Your Woman – How to Perform Cunnilingus to Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasms

Cunnilingus (oral sex for women) is one sexual activity that can almost guarantee to make any women orgasm… provided you use the right techniques…

Dirty Text Messaging Moves He Will Never Forget – Make Him Find You Totally Irresistible

Have you ever tried sending your man a text message then waited hours for his reply? Now you can learn how to send him the right kind of text messages that is filled with so much power, it will leave him totally and completely speechless and get him to respond to you in seconds.

Making Love With a Virgin

Making love with a virgin girl is very different when you make love with a non-virgin. It will be a very emotional process for her and is your responsibility to calm her down so she will have a unforgettable and pleasurable session…

Comparison of Libido: Men Versus Women

Both men and women experience sexual urges. Libido or this urge which is sexual in nature is one of the major functions of the human body in general.

Sexual Health: 3 Foods That Can Cause Impotence

Have you assumed that losing your sexual drive as you age is a distressing but normal part of growing older? Think again! You don’t have to sacrifice your sex life as you age. Read on to learn the truth about impotence, what causes it, and natural methods of prevention.

Understanding Woman’s Sexual Desire and Libido Enhances Sex Life and Promotes Intimacy

A woman’s sexual libido fluctuates through the years. Shifts in libido normally concur with significant life changes, such as menopause, pregnancy or sickness. If you are disturbed by low libido, there are sex methods and lifestyle changes that increase sexual drive more often, together with medications, which promise the same effect.

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