Why It’s Important For Men To Keep Their Word #shorts

Why It's Important For Men To Keep Their Word #shorts

Relationship Between Food and Sex: Spice Up Your Sex Life Tonight

I would like to talk about the relationship between sex and food in a totally different way to what you might read online. Most experts suggest using food to provide an interesting new experience and to add some spice. Melting chocolate so it is just warm and pouring it on your lovers breast comes to my mind.

Understanding The Causes Of A Weak Erection Problem

Weak erection problems can be profoundly disturbing for men as sexual prowess defines masculinity. Popular ideology supports the theory that physically well-endowed males are more desirable placing them at the top of the pecking order (pun unintended). It is not just women who prefer virile males; men themselves subscribe to the sexual stereotype. More details inside…

A Guide to the Squirting Orgasm – Advanced Techniques To Guarantee She Has An Ejaculation Orgasm

One thing that separates the best lovers from the rest is that they have certain movements automated. When we talk about being ‘automated’ during sex, this means that you perform a complicated movement so many times that you reach a point where you can automatically do it without any real effort. One of the key things that great lovers get automated is the motion for giving a woman a squirting orgasm (Female Ejaculation Orgasm).

Consider Risk Versus Reward When Learning How to Get Women in Bed

Whenever you think about how to get women in bed, you also need to consider how much risk you are willing to take versus how much reward you want to receive. Typically, the bigger the risk you take, the more it will pay off if it indeed succeeds. Every interaction requires some element of risk. You need to decide what level of risk you want to take before you even approach a girl.

Want to Know How to Get Laid? Understand the Group Dynamics

If you want to know how to get laid, you have to understand the group dynamics when you are trying to pick up a girl. There are several different kinds of groups and knowing how to act in each one is going to be the difference between getting a girl in bed and going home alone.

How to Give Cunnilingus: Tips to Teach You How

Cunnilingus or oral sex is one of the most intimate acts of love you can do for your partner, not to mention the most pleasurable if done the right way and at the right time. While not everyone is sure to like it, most women find it an intense source of pleasure, next to actual penetration and breast stimulation. Here are a few tips in order for you to know how to give cunnilingus.

Great Pick Up Artist Techniques for Qualification

There are five excellent pick up artist techniques that can be used for qualification in any kind of seduction interaction. They are referred to as Bait, Hook, Reel, Release, and Rapport. These five steps of qualification will set the interaction up to go the way you want it to.

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