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How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Become Better At Sex?

This can be very frustrating! Learn how to get your boyfriend to become better at sex in 2 easy steps!

Reveal the Secrets of Excellent Foreplay and Learn How to Be Great at It!

Who else wants to know the honest truth about foreplay and the way to be better at it? Read this highly informative article and follow the useful tips!

Communication Challenge: How to Talk to the Opposite Sex

There are countless reasons why men and women find it a challenge to communicate with one other; one of the key reasons is a difference in communication style. Men often prefer just the facts; women like details and prefer to hear the whole story.

Diabetes, Women and Sex

Sexual dysfunction due to diabetes does not affect men only. Diabetic women can also experience sexual problems related to their blood sugar levels.

How Important Is Sex to Your Dating Relationship?

This article focuses on the sexual aspect of dating. It looks at how we can date and have fun without committing to sex.

Do Married Christians Need Guidance On Sex?

Yes and no. All married couples could use some guidance in their sex lives. But for Christians there are specific questions which need answering. Find out what those are here.

Ways to Last Longer in Bed and Please Your Woman

Your performance in bed clearly depends upon your ability to last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation is a highly common problem that a lot of men experience. This article lists some of the best and effective ways to increase your staying power naturally.

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