What To Do When You Can’t Cum

Talk of Orgasm Does Not Necessarily Lead to More Sex

Ironically (because only men’s responsiveness declines with age) women are often more sexually active when younger. Once a woman has children she is much less motivated by sex. Women are more confident about admitting that intercourse does not cause orgasm as they age, by acquiring status or wealth or through education. Women today say they have orgasms during sex and yet they are less amenable than older generations.

5 Ways to Cope With a Sexless Marriage

What is a sexless marriage? It is a marriage with little or no sexual activities. Experts describe that couples who are having sex 10 times or less in a year is considered living in a sexless marriage. Although it is best for couples to keep a healthy and active sex life, it is not uncommon for couples to live in marriage without sex. Can couples cope with a sexless marriage?

Six Reasons Sexologists Are So Much In Demand

What is the first thing that you do to express your love? You hold the hand of the person? You give him a soft kiss on his lips? You kiss his forehead or caress his cheeks?

Showing Sexual Initiative and Providing Erotic Feedback

Doesn’t anyone else find it odd (and very convenient!) that modern advice on female orgasm just so happens to reflect almost exactly how women’s responsiveness is portrayed in pornography? Real women are obliged to exaggerate their apparent responsiveness to encourage a lover to keep going and to substitute for the much more obvious signs of male arousal.

Six Signs You Need A Sexologist

A sex therapist is not an ordinary person; he is a professional individual, who is well aware of the things he does for those, who seek his help. There are still a lot of people, who find it difficult to accept the fact that they are going through some sorts of sexual problems; in fact, most of them think that the world would think bad of them, if they ever come up with the problems they go through in their bed life. Since they consider it to be some sort of a stigma, they go through severe sexual problems all throughout their life.

3 Weird Ways to Last Longer Without Drugs or Danger: The Secret to Super Stamina in the Sack

Who else would love to last longer in bed? Are you nervous about your staying power, or sexual stamina? Do you find yourself fearful of finishing too quickly, just about every time you are intimate or make love with your partner?

Ladies, Do You Really Need Sex in Your Marriage? Yes, and Here’s Why!

… sex is not only for your husband’s enjoyment, but it’s also for yours. But if it’s supposed to be so enjoyable for you as a woman, then why is it so difficult to do at times? After all, sex for us requires a lot of focus, energy, and motivation on our part. And most times we struggle with one or more of these things all at once, so it seems almost impossible to…

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