What To Do When Sex Is Painful

What To Do When Sex Is Painful


Why Men Feel Inadequate Over Penis Size

Growers versus showers. Men hope to impress others. An erect penis is a sign of male potency.

Why Women Feel Inadequate About Their Bodies

Women are not attracted by genitals & nudity. Women compete with each other for male attention. Men sexualise women’s anatomy to assist with arousal.

The Internal Anatomy Involved in Reproduction

Wolffian ducts develop into the male reproductive organs. Müllerian ducts grow into the female reproductive organs. There is a single static egg but many tiny mobile sperm.

The Female Erectile Sex Organ (or Phallus)

The sex organ develops from the genital tubercle. A sex organ is also internal to the body & is erectile. The corpora caverosa are within the internal clitoral organ.

The Male Erectile Sex Organ (or Phallus)

The penis has 3 separate functions. Men are inordinately proud of their penis. The penis has a shaft which contains the corpora cavernosa.

Human Sexual Anatomy and Development

The internal reproductive organs. The phallus is an erectile sex organ. Sexual differentiation.

Lesbianism Focuses on Longer-Term Relationships

Some lesbians are looking for political recognition. Orientation does not affect responsiveness. Women are often unaware of their orientation.

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