What Is Sexological Bodywork? And What Does A Session Look Like?

The Big Breast Fascination – Why Men Lust For Big Breasts

Wanna distract a man? Begin with baring the cleavage. Turning his head is a short step away with a bikini top that bares even more; a walk down any beach is likely to find men who have inadvertently stumbled into unknown territory and lost their way as their heads were turned to stare at the barely covered breasts in the sun. Bare em’ all and you will witness glazed eyes and drooling; full on insanity! What’s going on behind the scenes when these reactions in men are exhibited?

4 Things Worth Knowing About The Female Orgasm (A Girls Guide to Sensational Sex)

Are you good in bed? Does she eagerly and erotically anticipate your next sexual experience together? What about sex with YOU does she love so much?

Christian Marriage – Are You Having Enough Sex?

A very important aspect to a Christian marriage is sex. Let’s talk about this for a moment. Are you having enough sex in your Christian marriage?

What To Do If A Boyfriend Pressures You For Sex

Many teenagers, especially females, are faced with pressure to have sex at an early age. This is a very serious matter and a decision to have sex when you’re under 18 can have wide-ranging effects on your life. Many teens make a decision based on their understanding of what sex is. Unfortunately, their knowledge of sex is usually limited to information about the physical aspects of intimacy. Understanding all the issues and believing in yourself enough to withstand peer pressure and live a life in accordance with your values is essential to making a decision that respects you as a person, and this leads to happiness and a high degree of self-acceptance.

Frustrated Sexually?

A Frustrated woman came in to the office today. Her beloved husband isn’t paying any attention to her. She said, “I got married when I was very young and I was a virgin.

Sex by the Birth Signs – Igniting the Sexual Fire With Your Lover

Wanna light your lover’s fire; set their world on fire? Every birth sign, regardless of what the sign is, has things they are attracted to that ignite their sexual desires. Some are subliminal and some are obvious; but they all worth knowing! So what’s the hidden secret to stoke the flame in your love life by the signs?

How To Become A Good Lover To Your Lady – 5 Foolproof Ways To Prepare For Great Sex

Want to learn how to become a good lover to your lady? Check out these 5 foolproof ways to prepare for great sex!

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