Treating Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Women who are currently undergoing the natural changes associated with menopause often have a variety of uncomfortable or frustrating symptoms that accompany the change. Although there are many pharmaceuticals available either over the counter or with a prescription, some quick and simple cures are the natural remedies that women have been using for thousands of years. These natural products are able to treat the symptoms of menopause without potentially harmful side effects or drug interactions.

Many women are experiencing problems due to the diminishing estrogen level in their system due to menopause. This level can be artificially replaces using estrogen replacement therapy, but it may have more serious consequences. Studies have shown that some women who participate in estrogen replacement therapies are at a greater risk of breast and uterine cancers than women who did not participate in the programs. Instead of adding hormones to your body, allow it to change naturally and work to control each symptom. Not all women experience each symptom of menopause, so you should only concentrate on the symptoms that are currently affecting your life and body.

By far, the easiest way to treat your menopause symptoms naturally is to change your diet. Eating a healthy, well balanced diet will not only increase you general sense of health and well being, but also help your body naturally adjust to the changes associated with menopause. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables and be sure to steer clear of foods high in fat, which can potentially cause your body to have more issues when it comes to estrogen regulation.

Instead of replacing lost estrogen, women in menopause should consider using an all natural product that works to mimic the effects of estrogen on the body. One such product in phytoestrogens, commonly used in Japan by women affected by menopause. These plant products are naturally found in foods, especially the soy bean. In addition to adding soy based food to your diet, including tofu and soy substitutes like soy milk and cheese, consider taking a supplement of phytoestrogen. The plant estrogen is not nearly as potent as the hormone produced in the human body, so the increased probability of breast cancer is nil.

Regular exercise will also aid a woman?s body through this naturally changing stage of menopause. Just like eating a healthy and well balanced diet, ensuring your body receives the proper amount of exercise will not only affect your overall sense of health, it will also work to ensure your body is at its healthiest during menopause. Consider joining a gym or joining up with a fellow gal pal in menopause in order to ensure you are sticking to your exercise plan on a regular basis.

Supplements and vitamins are also excellent for curing the problems of menopause. Vitamin C is great for individuals who want to strengthen their immune system and prevent general illnesses and other health related problems. This vitamin is perfect for women who are experiencing hot flashes in association with their menopause, as it expands blood vessels and is packed with bioflavinoids, which work to stop hot flashes in their tracks.

Vitamin E is also another vitamin for women who are looking to combat the problem of incontinency, commonly associated with menopause. This vitamin works by building collagen in order to provide the skin with the utmost elasticity. Menopause often decreases the collagen found in skin, so that the skin?and even the bladder?begins to lose its elasticity, therefore causing incontinence. Vitamin E also helps combat stretch marks and wrinkles, so many women take it in order to keep their skin
looking its best.

Since menopause can zap a woman?s energy, it is critical all women in this stage of their life take a supplement rich in Vitamin B. This tiny vitamin works to combat stress and provides your body with a boost of energy. Although it is available in pill format, some women choose to seek an injection from their doctor on a regular basis because the symptoms of menopause have proven too tiring to continue basic tasks.

Treating the symptoms of menopause naturally is an excellent way to avoid pharmaceuticals and still achieve the same results. For women suffering from the common side effects of menopause, these natural alternatives are excellent ways to ensure the change that is affecting their body does not affect their life.

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