TooTimid’s Adult Toy Video Bloopers | Sexpert Video Outtakes

TooTimid's Adult Toy Video Bloopers | Sexpert Video Outtakes

Simple Penis Health Tricks – Resolving the Boxers Vs Briefs Debate

Underwear is not only about fashion, it is about keeping the manhood healthy and protected. Learn more about when to wear each style of underwear for maximum penis health.

Sexual Desire Mismatch – Recognize This Relationship Killer And Resolve It With Tantra

Is there an unspoken monster lurking in your relationship? There is a very common yet destructive cycle that happens in relationships called the Pursuer/Avoider cycle.This is where the partner with the higher level of sexual desire pursues the one with the lower desire to get their needs met, resulting in the other starting to avoid both sex and them. This creates much often unspoken tension and frustration in the relationship and drives much of the behaviour in it. It is a challenging yet rewarding cycle to break.

Sexual Shame – Sharing My Personal Journey Of Healing Through Tantra

For many of us we grow up with the legacy of society’s shame about sex. This is one woman’s unique journey to move beyond these cultural and personal limitations.

Is Penis Size Really an Issue?

There is a lot of misinformation, deception and over-compassionate about penis sizes that are on the smaller side. Yet the very same things are true about those on the bigger side of the spectrum. This leaves those who possess sizes that range somewhere in the middle of these two feel somewhat irrelevant due to the lack of discussion, as if uneventful. I think it’s time we finally settle the long-standing question once and for all, don’t you agree?

Sex For Seniors – Challenges And Rewards

For many senior men and women, sex isn’t as regular or intense as it was in their younger days. Nonetheless, they can still find sex with their partners to be very satisfying. Having an active and healthy sex life is not only very satisfying, it’s also good for other aspects of a senior’s life, especially for self esteem and of course, for physical and emotional well being.

Preventing Erection Injury – Guidelines for Avoiding Sex-Related Penis Hazards

A manhood standing at attention is a sight to behold, but in this state, the penis is also more susceptible to damage. Some guidelines for avoiding erection injury and maintaining penile health are discussed here.

7 Mindsets for Passionate Love Making

Great athletes don’t begin their game on the field or the court or even the locker room. No, they begin their training long before they reach the arenas where the action takes place..

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