Thought about DP? Here’s why women love it! ??

Thought about DP? Here’s why women love it! 🍑💕

How to Last Longer for Men – 3 Pointers to Ensure an Unforgettable Love Life

Do you know there is advice about how to last longer for men? It is for sure the best thing you as a man can do to fulfil all the expectations of your loved one and to enjoy the best sex whenever you want it.

The Hottest Oral Sex Tips for Women – How to Give Your Man the Greatest Blow Job of His Entire Life

To give your man the best blow job ever, you are going to need some help and that help is going to come in the form of the hottest oral sex tips for women. These are the tips that are going to drive any man wild and that will give him earth-shattering pleasure. These are straight up naughty girl tips so if you want to give him amazing pleasure, you need to let yourself get down and dirty.

9 Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man ejaculates before his partner achieves orgasm. This is a common sexual dysfunction that happens in men under 40 years old. Premature ejaculation is also called as premature climax and rapid ejaculation.

How To Stop Fast Ejaculation – Best Tips To Delay Ejaculation

Society has deemed it acceptable for men to converse about their sexual encounters with the opposite sex. However, most men that are having problems in the bedroom will try to steer away from this subject, in fear of embarrassment. Perhaps, one of the most uncomfortable subjects for men to discuss with another individual is how to stop fast ejaculation.

Bringing Fetish and Fantasy Into Relationships

So you think you’ve met the one for you. You’ve been out on several dates and become intimate with your new partner, but you’re hiding a secret that’s burning deep inside you; a fantasy or maybe a fetish that you know could make or break your future together.

Men, Up Your Standards for Your Woman

One of the common refrains that I hear from women talking about their men is: “If he knew how to approach me, I would open like a flower.” Start by softening your voice. Smile when you look at her. Open your heart and get that this person wants to enjoy being with you, and wants you to enjoy being with her. Pause. Appreciate. Cherish. Remember that she volunteered for the position of your girlfriend; don’t treat her like a draftee!

Straight Answers to Questions on Sex

Our blog on the royal wedding and on giants brought good response, including an interesting question about sex. We give God-inspired answers about the delicate subject of sex from a biblical point of view.

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