This Is The Type Of Man She Wants & How To Be Him

This Is The Type Of Man She Wants & How To Be Him

How To Lick A Vagina

What is the best way to perform cunnilingus on a woman? What methods and techniques can you use to be a pro at licking the sacred body part of a woman?

How To Perform Cunnilingus

Find out how to perform cunnilingus properly. Go from zero to hero in the sac with your new found knowledge.

The Best Way To Finger A Girl

What is the best way to finger a girl? Find out some simple techniques you can use to truly get your girl excited.

Best Sex Toys For Women – How To Choose Your First Vibrator

Everyone wants to know what the best sex toys for women are and really it’s always going to come down to personal choice. But if you have never tried one before and are feeling a little timid about purchasing your first toy, then our guide to female sex toys for beginners is for you.

Does the 2 Girls Teach Sex Video Series Work?

Now, I know what you are thinking: who is anybody to tell you that you need to learn good sexual techniques? Many men may feel insulted to receive a book or DVD designed to instruct them on properly pleasing their partners, but in truth we all could a refresher once in a while. For a sex technique video to be effective, however, it should feature people who know sex and the positions that please everybody involved. It helps, too, if the “teachers” are attractive and the visuals stimulating. The 2 Girls Teach Sex series works because it appeals to both sexes interested in making love the right way.

Male Enhancement – New Solutions With Vaginal Tightening

What is a man to do? Since the beginning of time women have talked to each other about men and sex.

Women Can Now Increase Their Sexual Libido

Today a vast majority of women eventually experience a drop in their sexual enhancement and libido. However if you really want to enjoy the quality of life with your partner then you can not avoid sex. There are quite a few factors for decreased sexual desire in women and some of them are mental factors such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and physical factors such as stress, pregnancy and childbirth. A drop in sex hormones can also lead to symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

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