The Secret That Will Unleash Her Desire For You – Get Her To Desire You

The Secret That Will Unleash Her Desire For You – Get Her To Desire You


Oral Sex – A Threat Beyond Pleasure

Oral sex is the most pleasurable sexual activity. But much to your surprise, having oral sex with more than five partners in your lifetime coupled with smoking can increase the risk of Oropharyngeal cancer- a cancer type that develops in head and throat. this is a threat to many as no such diagnosis and treatment procedures have been developed.

Do Women Like Sex Toys? 7 Things Every Man Ought to Know About Your Girl (and Her Toys!)

What kind of sex toys to women really like? What would a woman use a sex toy

Sex Dating Online: Ladies Of All Ages

A woman on a sex dating website began her message to a male stranger with the remark that at the age of 43 she supposed that she was older than most women using the facility. She went on to ask what he supposed was the average age of women using the website. Some reassurance may have been gained from a reply conveying the impression from many messages received that the perceived average age was about 37/38, putting the inquirer only a few years above average. The woman in question expressed her surprise, as she supposed most of the women using the website to be in their 20s. This conversation stimulated an interest in seeking some statistical data to give a better insight into the actual age distribution.

3 Sex Tips Every Man Ought to Know (An Open Letter To Men Who Want to Be Better in Bed)

What really turns a woman on? Why do women take so much longer to have an orgasm, than men do? Does size matter?

Don’t Allow Low Sexual Desire To Threaten Your Marriage

Low sexual desire is a serious problem affecting people around the world. Persons affected by this sexual problem feel uninterested in engaging in sexual activity, leading to dissatisfaction, suspicion and frustration between marital partners. If left untreated, the problem of low sexual desire can wreck even the most resolute relationships. The cure for this grave problem lies in natural treatment systems like Ayurveda and Unani.

The 4G Boy-Girl Relationships

An intimate relationship or a sexual escapade too early in your life is a horror for all concerned parties. Here is an attempt to educate the parents and youngsters both.

Is She a Cougar? What You Need to Know About Dating (and Sex!) With an Older Woman

What is dating a cougar like? What IS a cougar, anyway? Is there a specific type of lifestyle, or activity, that only mature women like?

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