The One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Be Better In Bed

Penis Health and Finger Size: Is There a Correlation?

Finger size is legendarily associated with penis size, but might there instead be a connection with penis health? To some extent, this appears to be the case.

Female Orgasm: What Men Should Know

Ah, the female orgasm – a goal many men set themselves during sexual encounters, but sometimes find difficult to achieve. The following considerations can help.

Who Created Gender, Anyway?

From a very young age I was told that I could be whatever and whoever I wanted. I call myself a female, but if I were to label myself as a male or transsexual my family would not care. My parents used to tell me that I am “love and loved”.

Sex Tips: Easing Into Kinky Sex

Many sex tips focus on the benefits of adding a kinky element to one’s sex life. However, jumping headfirst into kink may not be the best path to take, especially with a shy partner.

Penis Size Anxiety and the Research to Put It to Rest

Men often obsess over their penis size, partly because they don’t have the facts straight. Here, men can learn about two studies into penis length that may alleviate their concerns.

Penis Health and Nude Sunbathing: A Testosterone Booster?

Many men are avid fans of nude sunbathing, taking pains to ensure proper penis health by keeping the organ covered in a good, effective sunscreen. The pleasures of nude sunbathing are many, and as long as appropriate penis care is practiced, it can add an extra element of fun and freedom to one’s beach or backyard experience. And interestingly, there may be a testosterone benefit associated with tanning in the nude as well.

Normal Penis: Most Guys Have One, But Might Not Know It

What constitutes a “normal penis”? This question plagues many men who, upon inspecting their members, find something that seems strange. Often, what they find is perfectly normal.

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