The Future Of Sex

The Future Of Sex

The Words Womanizers Use

I know men who have spent years learning the art of seducing women for sex. Some of these men have also practiced in packs, purchased training packages and paid and participated in seminars. So with the knowledge that there is a movement out there teaching men how to manipulate women into having sex with them – you only have to look online to see this, knowledge about the details of this movement serves as a source of personal protection.

Masturbation Methods for Something New

Masturbation is great for penis health – and it’s also just plain fun. But guys don’t need to settle for the same old routine. Consider branching out with some of the following methods.

Some Men Focus on Male Orgasm and Their Own Pleasure

Some men are oblivious to the idea of providing female turn-ons and pleasuring focused on female orgasm. They focus on their own sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Sex Tips for Finding the G-Spot

With the heavy emphasis that is placed on orgasms, many men (and women) plow through sex tips in search of the map to the elusive “sweet spot” (also sometimes called the G-spot) in a woman. Most men generally have an easy time achieving orgasm, but they like to know that their partner has been equally satisfied – hence the emphasis on finding the sweet spot. Of course, a man wants to make sure he’s maintaining good penis health as well, and the following sex tips will help him put that healthy penis to good use in his G-spot quest.

Pornography, Why, When There Is a Partner?

Many women complain about their husbands or partners viewing pornography on the Internet. Why do so many men do this? The article explores this question.

When To Sleep With A Guy

Let’s talk about sex, baby! If you’re dating, this is the single most important factor to keep in mind. Decide before you meet someone what your own personal rules will be. You ultimately have to be okay with yourself so remember you don’t need to put out to get him to like you.

Sensuality – Who’s Got It, How to Recognize It

Oh those sensuous people; beloved books are written and songs are filled with our yearning for a sensuous lover. What does this mean exactly, this idea of a perfect companion? Can we recognize a sensuous person when we meet them? Being sensuous differs from being sexy.

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