The Art Of C0ck Worshipping

The Art Of C0ck Worshipping

How To Sleep With Women – Keen Observation Is The Key

Do you want to know how to be effective at the seduction game and how to sleep with women? There’s a missing element in most guys’ game and it’s all important, especially for making decent conversation. That missing element is observation. If you’re observant, you’ll always have great talking points and the conversation will flow naturally.

How To Seduce Women – Open Up And Share

Here’s a huge surprise about how to seduce women that most guys don’t know – sharing about yourself and opening up is an essential part of picking up women. It’s part of human psychology; when you share something with another person, they feel obligated to reciprocate and share with you. I’m not talking just about sex here, but about conversation as well.

How To Get Women Into Bed – 4 Steps To Keeping The Conversation Going

Talking to girls and keeping the conversation going is one of the trickiest parts of how to get women into bed. This is where guys fail time and time again. After you make your opener, where do you take it from there? Because this is the most common question I get asked at boot camps, I’ve laid out a four point plan for keeping the conversation going.

How To Get Women In Bed Who Are Years Younger Than You Without Being Creepy

Lots of older guys want to meet younger women, but the big question is how to get women in bed without appearing creepy. This is one of the risks you take when you try to pick up women who are years younger than you. So, how do you overcome the creepiness barrier?

How To Get Girls In Bed – Common Misconceptions That Keep You From Scoring Younger Women

Even guys who really know how to get girls in bed fail when it comes to younger women. The main reason is that they’ve got misconceptions and bad beliefs about women at that age. Most guys don’t really know much about women who are in their mid-20s. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions that kill their seduction game.

Make Her Orgasm By Knowing What She Wants

Advice on how to make a girl orgasm. What women really feel about oral sex and what a man can to to really impress a girl by giving her what all women truly love. Basically how to make a girl orgasm and why this approach works.

How to Increase “Sexual Intentions” Of A Woman (Get Her in the Mood) – Become A True Masterful Lover

If you want to become a true masterful lover then it is immensely important to know about women’s sexual intentions. We desire to increase our sexual power for becoming a masterful lover because we know very well that a masterful lover can get a woman in the mood rather easily with his splendid persona.

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