Tasting Flavored Lubes!

Sex Toys: Getting a Real Doll in Bed

The rise in popularity of sex toys means men are finding new ways of exploring their sexuality. An old standby, the inflatable doll, is one of many ways to add spice to one’s routine.

Sex Positions for the Shower

How can partners take full advantage of the shower? Learning different sex positions is a good place to start.

The Negative Impact of Leather Fetishism

Leather fetishism is a term used to describe people with an obsessive attraction to wearing leather, leather garments and leather furniture. Part of the leather fetish involves leather forming a second skin. Leather garments become like a second skin, have a distinctive smell and are made from animal skin, which make them arousing to people with a leather fetish.

Men’s Sexual Health – Why Anxiety May Lead to Performance Issues

Anxiety disorders can affect men physically as well as mentally, and may have a significant impact on their sexual health. Here’s why and what to do about it.

How to Have an Active Love Life

Everyone has a strong desire to be loved. This applies to both men and women. Even the young ones long to be loved. But what is important is that the love should be a healthy one and should be properly expressed. However, this subject shall relate to husband and wife i.e. a married couple on how they can have an active love life. This article reveals what hinders a pleasurable love life and what enhances it.

Shower Sex – Keep It Safe and Fun With These 3 Tips

There are many reasons to like shower sex, but special considerations should be taken into account. Keep these three in mind for safe, fun shower time.

How to Perform Oral On Your Husband

As a wife, you have the opportunity to give your husband amazing pleasure. He loves for you to give him this wonderful gift and you will love it too. Here are some great tips and insights of how you can do to bring him to wondrous oral orgasm.

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