Penis Enlargement Tips – Gain More Size and Make Gains Quicker With PIs!

Do you want to make some penis gains? Do you want to add some size to your manhood? Well good! That is real good! In this article I am going to give some tips on how to make some serious gains with penile exercises by using PIs.

Jelqing Tips for Making All Kinds of Penis Gains!

Do you want to make some gains man? Sure you do and why not? There is nothing wrong with wanting to add some size to your unit if you feel that it needs some size. Countless men have done it and much more fulfilling lives because of it and a lot more confidence. In this article I will give some tips about jelqing.

More Sex for Better Health – 12 Reasons to Have Sex Every Night

Most men don’t need a list of reasons to have more sex – it feels good, he wants it, end of story. But for those who do need a little extra motivation, there are several proven scientific reasons why sex is good for the health! So, perhaps next time the other partner just isn’t in the mood, the following reasons could be listed on the pro-sex side of the conversation.

Embarrassing Penis Skin Problems and How to Solve Them

Men often have penis skin problems that are worrisome, but discussing these issues with a doctor can be difficult. To alleviate some of their anxiety, several common penile issues – and how to fix them – are discussed here.

Taking The Lead In The Bedroom

For the most part, a feminine woman wants her man to take the lead in bed, most of the time. If a man’s sexual competence is one of the core ingredients in a woman’s surrender, then his leadership in the bedroom is the natural expression of this ingredient.

STI Warnings – Signs of Dangerous Disease

An STI can be a serious health concern that goes beyond the inconvenience of a sore penis. Although an infection can sometimes be asymptomatic, there are often warning signals a man should heed.

Talk Dirty To Me: A Guide for Women

Ladies, I am often asked for a simple way to turn a man on. One of the most fun things to do both in and out of the bedroom is to talk dirty to each other. Talking dirty should start outside of the bedroom and can help you be more playful, get each other turned on, and result in more explosive sex.

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