SEX TIPS FOR WOMEN on Radio Gorgeous Gossip with Josephine & Donna

hello and welcome to radio lovely on me with my bestie bestie friend Donna free-spoken hello how are you no good great so am I so we’ve had some report it’s coming from refer and the contact you time move to say one in four parties in Britain have a good sex life we don’t know them no well no wait but we want to find out how to get a good sex life so they’ve given us some tips so don’t know should we go through them and exceedingly whether they’ll work for you I should make you have a great sex life you told me you have no gasm too small no time this morning yeah lucky you before my first goblet of coffee with down me oh so that’s so you don’t need to call free to get to know okay so we have a chance what about Ricky asst things distributed according to recent to get in the mood and I do conclude being a woman going in the mood harder why do you think that is well I mean well scientifically speaking maidens need our plumbing is more complicated we don’t just have you know straight shoot as it were I’m things are at things are a little bit more tangled the work requires big thought sizzling spirits and sex organs all together do you see that sentiment well ok he said well the automatic immune method is working with things like heart rate and internal organs but too sex arousal for women which is why heydays chocolate massages tubs present you know anime for me just talking about like the little[ __] that happened in my period wall but Grimes in Utah yeah no guy only have to end what if you’re close I can’t just like get in there with uh oh yeah well you exactly called yourself an orgasm yeah no I come on before it before you know I’m putting out I need a little nice yeah well they do show watching a sex video together and they’ve done tests and women ever say it doesn’t turn me on and then they they hook up these things between your legs again and women are just getting down there yeah and apparently turned on by anything like monkey porn you know they born boy poor rush it got me sick of looking at ladies yeah um it also yeah it has some champagne has some chocolates or maybe two um talk to each other about your fantasies have you ever done that yes but we do it while we’re doing it oh right yeah it’s a real time yeah hi um good-for-nothing heightens at all yeah yeah fine so these are some sex tips-off from Radio gorgeous and we’ve got more coming up next week we’re going to be talking about sexuality becoming older and sex after palatables thanks for coming so much better for listening to radio lovely gender tips-off

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