Sex After Children

Sex After Children

How To Bring Back Passion In a Relationship – Introduce a Sex Toy

I think it is fair to say that in most relationships, couples often ask themselves, where is the passion in our relationship? What went wrong? When we first met we couldn’t get enough of each other and now, a few years down the line, the very spark that attracted us is no longer there.

Introducing Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

Introducing sex toys into the bedroom can be difficult. You become content with the way you do things, just like washing dishes, you have your way of doing it and you never consider change. It’s boring and tedious. In the same way, sex becomes boring and tedious. You need to ask yourself, how can we add spice to our sexual relationship? In more recent times, women have gained more sexual independence and freedom; they have become more open to introducing sex toys and props for bedroom pleasures to bring back the passion and to experiment with their partner.

Sex – Huge Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom And How You Can Avoid Them: Part 1

If you are making THIS mistake in the bedroom with your woman – YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE. I’ll explain why on the inside. Have a quick read and make sure you avoid making this sexual mistake from now on…

Sex Advice – Top 5 Female Orgasm Sex Tips (Use Them And Sexually Satisfy Your Woman Tonight)

Women need powerful orgasms in order to totally enjoy sex. If you want to discover how to give your woman OUTRAGEOUS ORGASMS (the kind that cause her to scream your name and dig her finger nails into your back) – read this article and you will discover 5 of the very best ORGASM SEX TIPS. Use them tonight and have fun…

Go Green With Your Love Life

We’ve heard plenty about going green at home, at work and on the road, but the latest hot topic is going green in bed! There are many ways you can green up your sex life, such as environmentally responsible dates to even how you dispose of condoms. Show some love for your lady and Mother Earth by going green between the sheets with our tips for a sustainable love life:

Sex Advice – How To Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms That Make Her Shake, Moan And Scream Your Name

If you cannot give your woman an orgasm (or cannot do so every time you have sex with her), this article is for you. Inside, you will discover sex advice that will show you how to give your woman multiple orgasms that cause her to become literally addicted to your love-making. Read more now…

Seeking Premature Ejaculation Cures – Battling Early Ejaculation

Many men suffer from an inability to last for extended periods of time during sexual intercourse. While they would like to fix the issue, many do not research premature ejaculation cures option. If this sounds familiar, don’t lose sleep over it, as it is quite common and very treatable.

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