Say This to Turn Him On

Say This to Turn Him On

2 Alarming Reasons Women Fake Orgasm (And The Best Way To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t)!

Who else is wondering whether their girlfriend, wife or lover is faking her orgasms? Have you read all of the funny stories, studies and surveys in the media that suggest that MOST women do? Do you trust your partner more than you trust your own skills in the sack?

Sexy Ideas For Naughty Couples

What can you do if your wife keeps telling you that she has a headache whenever you want to have sex? Read on to find out more.

Female Self Pleasure

If you are looking for more satisfying sex with a partner, a good place to start is actually be developing your very own female self pleasure techniques. Because often it’s the women who know how to turn themselves on, which have the most fulfilling sex with a partner.

Finding The Elusive Female G Spot

Finding a girl’s g spot is all about angles! The angles required to reach and locate it in the first place, and then the angles required to stimulate it.

Three Things You Need To Know About Premature Ejaculation

Many men suffer from premature ejaculation and think it is just their lot in life and nothing can be done about it. Nothing could be further from the truth! Men also allow themselves to endure premature ejaculation because they are embarrassed about the problem and avoid seeking help and finding answers.

How Tantra Transforms Human Love

Tantra sex is nothing less than worship. Love becomes divine – and unlike normal love, divine love never fades away. A person who practices tantra love is not a slave to his or her hormones. Rather, these hormones are transformed.

How to Give a G Spot Orgasm to a Woman With Herpes

This article is written to help you give a great orgasm to a woman with herpes. Well, the first question might be, why would making a woman with herpes cum be any different than making a non herpes woman cum? The answer is for the most part there is no difference. However, a woman with herpes may have emotional blocks regarding herpes, which hold her back from really letting go. I will get into rubbing her G spot the right way in a minute, but first let’s cover this important emotional aspect.

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