Reacting to Anal Horror Stories

Reacting to Anal Horror Stories

Sex Games – Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

Even the most excited penis occasionally wants a change of pace. When this situation occurs, introducing sex games into a relationship can be a big boost.

Male Sex Drive and Depression – Help and Hope for the Flagging Libido

Depression and other mood disorders can have a severe impact on the male sex drive. Understanding why can help men put the passion back into their sex lives.

Sexual Performance Problems in Men – Could Missing Nutrients Be to Blame?

The nutrients we get determine to a large degree how we feel both physically and mentally. They also impact sexual performance.

Sexual Performance Anxiety – Causes, Symptoms and What to Do

Sexual performance anxiety can get in the way of intimacy and limit a man’s ability to enjoy sex. Here’s how it happens and what men can do to overcome it.

Sex Transmutation

The topic of sex has always been an interesting one, whether it is positions, pro-creation, taboo, attraction, jokes, you name it, and it is never an area of discussion that will become boring and die out. This has been the case for hundreds of years and will forever be this way. Why is that?

The Foundation of Great Sex Is to Love Women

Many men seek to achieve a greater sex life with their woman but this goal is compromised if they don’t actually like women all that much. Great sex means witnessing a woman access her femininity, feel like a woman and express her sexuality in ways that, in public, would earn her the label “bad girl.” Men need to become comfortable with this fact and not feel threatened by it. The best way to achieve this is to love women.

Surprise Erections and Nudism – How Men Can Deal

Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle option for many people; however, some men fear embarrassing surprise erections in a naturist situation. There are steps men can take to deal with a hard penis in public.

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