Pornstar Tasha Reign on Her Bill Clinton Photo Op

Pornstar Tasha Reign on Her Bill Clinton Photo Op

Masturbation and Health: The Prostate Benefit

As almost any man could tell you (if he were to be honest), masturbation is one of a guy’s most enjoyable activities. However, not so many men could tell you that there is a health benefit to the prostate that is associated with frequent and regular masturbation. Since masturbation can also benefit overall penis health, the prostate advantage simply adds another incentive for a man to engage in this pleasurable activity.

Loss of Penis Sensitivity and Back Problems: Are They Linked?

Can back problems really have an impact on penis sensitivity? Due to the manner in which nerve messages are sent through the body, the answer is yes.

Uncircumcised Penis – Facts to Dispel Unnecessary Fears

There are many misconceptions about the uncircumcised penis causing men and their partners undue stress. Learn some facts about the intact member to dispel unnecessary fears and revel in what one’s packing.

Sex Tips: Exploring Body Parts Beyond the Penis

Every man is interested in sex tips that can help him (a) have more sex, (b) make his usual sex more enjoyable, or (c) accomplish both of these things. Often, sex tips focus on the penis, ignoring other body parts that may come into play. For example, a guy may think that he has a very impressive organ and take pains to ensure excellent penis health, so what more does he need to worry about?

Just Sex – The Expressway Past Your Heart

Do you prefer to just keep things light; is no emotional attachment your creed? Or maybe you’re a confirmed cougar; a little older but open to the benefits of a little younger with no strings on your heart? If you have chosen casual sex as an alternative to a long and rewarding emotional relationship, you have hopped on the expressway past your heart to sexual gratification without affection. Is it really just a safe fast lane or much more?

Incredible Afterplay: Keep the Romance Alive!

When we think about it, amazing sex is not difficult to get when we have the correct attitude, sex toys, foreplay, and of course aftercare- basically, plenty of consideration and an open mind. You might have difficulty each step of the way with self-confidence and communication, however you can find that help is always obtainable if you’re prepared to look for it. Do not look for reasons to prove your bad sex life – take action to make it better so that you may have the kind of sex life that you want.

6 Ways You Can Be More Intimate With Your Partner

I see a lot of things in my practice, but a recurring theme during couples sessions, is that need for their partner’s physical touch and the link this has to feelings of support, love, and trust. This touch, even during conflict, has the ability to help our bodies regulate, and feel safe.

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