Pornstar Kit Mercer on Exhibitionism

Pornstar Kit Mercer on Exhibitionism

Sex Tips: Proper Grooming for Men

One of the most useful sex tips a man can follow is to take proper care of his grooming. Tending to hair all over the body makes a big difference in terms of attractiveness.

Penis Pain: Handling the Lumpy Penis

A man can get a lumpy penis for several reasons. When it’s caused by lymphangiosclerosis, the lump may be relatively harmless, but can cause significant penis pain during sex.

Home Made Sex Toys for Men to Enjoy

Sex toys aren’t just for women; men can make their own from items found around the house. Giving the hand a rest may be one of the best masturbation tips for men who have grown weary of their usual routine.

Erect Penis Enemy: Diabetes

Diabetes is no laughing matter and can lead to serious health difficulties. It can also have an impact on a man’s erect penis (or lack thereof), thus affecting his sex life as well.

Sex Talk

Sex is such a significant part of your marriage that you cannot leave it up to chance. You must talk about sex until you and your partner have the same understanding of the expectations from each other.

An Active Penis Now Equals An Active Senior Penis

Many men in their senior years experience a decrease in testosterone and sexual activity. A new study suggests that maintaining an active penis when younger can have an impact on one’s sexual performance later in life.

Is Sex Dirty?

Is sex dirty? Some people view sexual love as dirty, but it, in fact, is a blessing from Yahweh God Almighty, our Creator. But as with any blessing from God, sex can be abused and thus become dirty.

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