Pornstar Fast Facts: Lena Paul

Pornstar Fast Facts: Lena Paul

Sex Tips Guaranteed to Work On Women

It may seem hard pleasing a woman. But there are some guaranteed sex tips that definitely do work.

Christian Intimacy Problems – How to Deal With Common Sex Issues

All Christian marriages can have problems in regards to intimacy. Here are some common Christian sex issues and how to deal with them.

Find Out Why 90% of Guys Won’t Succeed in Growing a Bigger Penis and How You Can Succeed!

We all want to succeed in everything we do but success does not come easy and the bigger your goals are the harder they are to achieve. Success has to be earned and nothing is received for free. If you are reading this article then you are surely interested in penis enlargement because you feel a bit of size could be beneficial or maybe you have strong feelings of inadequacy. If you really want to succeed in this endeavor then there are things you must do and things you must avoid.

Reasons Why Most Women Struggle to Orgasm

Most women have difficulty hitting the big O and there are reports that more than 50% of the women population rarely or never experience orgasm at all. ­­­Men who are in a sexual relationship with a woman who always find it difficult to reach orgasm may question their abilities and may have the feeling of inadequacy when it comes to lovemaking. But now that you know that difficulty to reach orgasm is a common problem of women, you also have to know why most women struggle to orgasm.

Dangerous Sexual Side Effects – Does Too Much Love Lead to Prostate Cancer?

As the old saying goes, it is quite possible to have too much of a good thing – but does this little gem of wisdom really apply to the pleasures of sex? Is it possible that too much sex can have long-term repercussions for men’s health? Numerous scientists have wondered the same thing, and set out to see if they could find answers about whether there may be dangerous sexual side effects.

Baby, You Are Overall Sexy, Where Should I Kiss First?

I love making out with my woman when we discuss some interesting topic. When I feel that her conversation is not going to end any time soon, I just start kissing her. I don’t stop her from talking; I just keep on kissing her. And, she gets my feelings too.

Are Penis Exercises Just a Wet Dream or Is It Actually Possible to Enlarge the Penis?

There is a large interest in penis enlarging and enhancing exercises but at the same time there is the same amount of skepticism. A lot of guys would like to add some size and some guys desperately need to add some size. But it can not really be possible, can it? Well the truth is that penile exercises do work and I will explain more about these exercises in this article.

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