Pornstar Fast Facts- Kayley Gunner

Pornstar Fast Facts- Kayley Gunner

Passionate Kissing Tips for Men and Women

There are various types of kisses and we employ each depending on who we kiss. However, for couples who are in an intimate relationship, we can never under estimate the value of kissing. Here are some passionate kissing tips for men and women.

How To Read His Body Language

Decoding a mans body language may seem difficult, but with the right instructions you can do it effortlessly. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to read his body language.

Great Dates That Will Lead To The Bedroom

Ever wonder if there are specific date spots that have more luck resulting in bedroom activities. Here are a few that might interest you, if you are looking for a fun night after your night out.

8 Ways To Have Longer Lasting Sex

It is always one of those frustrating things in life. Fun moments are always short. This is applicable to most men who always wish they can always last longer in bed.

Sparking Parts: How to Rekindle Your Love Life

Curious to find out how to keep the fireworks going off in your relationships? Discover how to rekindle your love life and have those sparks flying in all directions again.

Okay – I Faked It!

To fake an orgasm or not to fake an orgasm that is the question. Well women do it, so let’s talk about it. Find out the why, when and how of faking orgasm.

Tricks To Have Him Go Down On You

Oral sex is said to be the best way for a woman to climax. Here are some tips to have your man go down on you.

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