Pornstar Fast Facts- Gabbie Carter

Pornstar Fast Facts- Gabbie Carter

Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas From the Holiday’s Ancient Origins

Ditch the chocolates and roses this year. Get exciting and raunchy new Valentine’s Day ideas by learning about the ancient origins of this holiday.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Cleaning Up the Mess

Messy sex is fun sex. When you let go of your inhibitions and turn all thought off, you’ll have some of the best sex of your life. Today’s game helps you let go of all inhibitions and have some of the most fun, messy love you’ve ever had.

Sore Penis Prevention and Treatment

The result of a weekend of athletic sex may be a happy but very sore penis. Practicing prevention steps can help avoid some of that penile soreness.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: The Secret Dessert

More often that not, a fine dining experience means that you’ll get some kind of action at the end of the night. Tonight, you’re going to put an awesome twist to the most classic of all dating scenarios.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Having Dessert In Bed

For some reason, most men seem to dislike going down on a woman. If that’s you, today you’re going to learn a deliciously fun way to service your partner and give her an earth shattering orgasm.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Greatest Toy Ever

A philosophy known as the Myth of the Male Weakness tells us that men are too intimidated to let any toys in the bedroom. In today’s game, you’re going to prove that philosophy wrong.

How to Increase Your Semen Production Naturally

A lot of men seem to be interested in increasing their semen volume so that they can enjoy powerful orgasms. This article lists some of the best ways to help you increase your semen production.

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