Pornstar Fast Facts: Bridgette B

Pornstar Fast Facts: Bridgette B

How Tantra Helps Achieve Multiple Orgasms

It is easy to assume that tantra helps us achieve multiple orgasms because of specific tantric techniques that boost our libido and performance. However, to fully understand how tantra delivers this Holy Grail of sexual pleasure, one must understand how tantra really works.

Men And Bad Sex

Is there such a thing as “bad sex” for men? And if so, what qualifies. The answers may surprise you a little!

If You Don’t Think You Can Suck A Penis You Just May Need Some Blowjob Lessons

I think almost every woman I have ever know thought they could give the very best oral sex on me. However, almost all of them failed miserably. I had one girlfriend who gave the very best blowjobs, and I just wished every girl knew what she did. So it became a passion of mine to offer out blowjob lessons for those women who wanted to give better blowjobs.

How To Give Fellatio To Your Man Starting Tonight: One Shocking Blowjob Technique

Blowjobs are not as hard as so many women make them out to be. In fact all it takes to give really great blowjobs is a little bit of practice and some good information. I am not going to help you with practicing on your man’s penis, but I will give you some very valuable blowjob instructions.

HGH Helps Increase the Female Sex Drive

  Women work, think and act differently than men. When it comes to sexual urges and desires as well as the ability to have sex, women are different. While men often succumb to impotence issues as they age, women on the other hand, enjoy intense orgasms as they age.

Why She Can’t Orgasm

When you are standing in line at the store or in a café, she can be very affectionate. But when in bed, she says she is too tired.

Learn What You Really Need to Do, to Make Your Penis Larger With Penile Exercises

Penis size does matter! And there are countless number of guys, who really want to have a larger penis size. A lot of them are even desperate and willing to do anything to achieve it.

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