Pornstar Charlie Forde: Full Podcast Interview

Not Getting Too Far Out in Front: The Supreme Court Decisions on Same-Sex Marriage

The country waited for the Supreme Court to issues its rulings on two same-sex marriage cases this past summer. Some expected the Court to declare same-sex marriage to be a fundamental right, while others prayed that it would support the sanctity of one-man, one-woman marriage as the sole marital relationship, and others were ambivalent. The decisions disappointed many people by being very limited rulings. This paper explains why the Court ruled as it did.

Sex Positions for a Bent Penis – Making the Most of the Curve

Some men worry that having a curved or bent penis may impede their sexual satisfaction. Exploring appropriate sex positions can help ease these fears and positively impact their sex lives.

Christians Who Seek A Better Sex Life – 3 Tips To Improve Lovemaking

If you are a Christian seeking out a better sex life then you came to the right place. We will break it down and provide 3 straight up Christian tips to become a better lover and have the wonderfully pleasurable sex life you should be having.

Who Is the More Satisfying Woman in Bed?

I have plenty of experience with women and sometimes I wonder why I should not put them down on pen and paper. So here it is: firstly in my travels around the world, I have slept with Russian, East European, Nordic, French and British, American and South American and SE Asian women, not forgetting women from the various parts of India.

Boyfriend Needs Help With Premature Ejaculation – What Do I Do?

Does your boyfriend need help with premature ejaculation? Here are 3 steps you can take to totally help him overcome premature ejaculation as quickly as possible.

My Christian Husband Isn’t Into Sex – What Can I Do?

Is your Christian husband NOT into sex? There are definitely things you can do to turn around this situation. Learn how to get your Christian husband interested in sex, so you can have the loving and exciting type of sex life that you should be having.

My Boyfriend Has A Small Penis – What Do I Do?

Does your boyfriend have a small penis? Are you wondering what you can do about it? There are options available. Check out these different angles for how to deal with a boyfriend with a smaller than average stick.

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