Relationship And Sexual Impurity

Is it possible for cat and rat to stay peacefully together in the same cage? ABSOLUTELY NO! It is either the cat kills the rat or the rat runs away from the cat for peace to reign. Dear friend, you are not married to that man and yet you want to kill yourself over him? You are in a relationship with a man and all he does is to beat you at the slightest… provocation because he has promised you marriage? You keep allowing him to take advantage of you just because of the monetary things he gives you and the promise of taking you to the marriage alter? Can those things buy back your dignity and virtues that you have lost? NO! You don’t have to remain in that bondage! Come out! God will provide for your needs and will give you the husband after His heart. Let abuser go with his money and all the other alluring things he brings to you. love is deeper than that. Don’t be scared; your future is not in the things he gives you, your future is in God’s hands.

Women’s Use of Fantasy Makes Orgasm Easier Alone

Male orgasm is associated with intercourse because of the male sex drive to impregnate a female. A woman does not need to orgasm as part of the reproductive process so orgasm does not need to occur during intercourse or with a lover by any means.

Sexist Jokes and Women

Sexist jokes are common in pop culture and day-to-day life. But are there negative consequences to our sexist actions?

Women Do Not Masturbate As A Substitute For Intercourse

Women’s behave quite differently during masturbation compared with intercourse. Women masturbate by stimulating the clitoris and they use taboo scenarios to generate their sexual arousal rather than everyday opportunities for intercourse.

Stop and Smell the Roses: The Aromatherapy of Erotic Massage

What could possibly be better than a smooth, sensual rub down? One that smells absolutely divine of course!

Friction-Related Penis Injury – Facing the Consequences of Dry Sex

Psoriasis can cause dry, itchy skin to appear anywhere on the body, including the penis. Learn about treatment options including natural remedies for healthy penis skin.

Is She Faking It? How to Tell If You Are REALLY Good in Bed (For Men Only)

What percentage of women fake orgasm? That only happens to men who are BAD in bed, right? Your girlfriend, wife or lover would NEVER fake an orgasm.

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