When I Want Sex With a Woman I’ve Just Met

When I was in my 20’s I learned a little bit about what to do if you really want to have sex with someone the night you meet them. There are so many different tactics. As sad as it is, sometimes you have to do “the takeaway”.

Reasons Why You Do or Don’t Want Sex With a Virgin

Just thinking about it, there are most likely more cons than pros to successfully bedding a virgin. This however shouldn’t hold you back because if that person thinks you’re the one then you should do them the favor of being “The one.” The virgin will most likely want you to take charge and show them the ropes and not expect too much.

I Want Sex But I Can’t Stand Condoms

Having sex should be a pleasurable experience for both men and women, but when condoms get in the way of a good time, this can really put a damper on the experience. Many men experience loss of sensitivity and other discomforts when using a condom. Why you need condoms – The first thing you need to remember is that condoms not only protect you from unwanted pregnancies but also from sexually transmitted diseases and infections, so they are important.

Sex and Wanting to Cheat (Infidelity) in General

Unfortunately the world isn’t perfect and there are people out there that care about themselves more than others. Having a completely faithful partner is something everyone wants but when it comes to them, sometimes they just can’t help it. It is believed that reasons why people cheat have something to do with gender.

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

I found this topic interesting because of humans’ fascination with sex and the controversial effect it has on the culture. This obsession is evident in marketing campaigns, TV programs, movies, and society in general. A prime example of this is the existence of sexual sadism and masochism (S&M), fetishism, voyeurism and exhibitionism, and forced sexual behavior. The obsession with sex is so profound that some men and women feel the need to change their sexual orientation, for example Richard Raskins, who in 1975 underwent a sex-change surgery to change him into a woman. There is so much obsession and controversy surrounding sex and what constitutes a sexual “disorder” that even the most harmless act can be labeled abnormal and/or immoral. As moral as our culture strives to be, or at least pretends to be, the psychological power-that the mere mention of the word “sex” has-is fascinating.

Sex and Responsibility 8: Shyness

One of the major challenges that face youth age girls is the emergence of their sexuality attributes. This is evidenced by sprouting breasts, pubic and armpit hairs, expanding hips, onset of menstrual flow, etc. Every girl have welcomed these developments with trepidation and where not assisted by kind and attentive parents, especially mothers, that fact alone induces a state of timidity, nervousness and introversion in her.

Sex and Responsibility 9: Dependency

Sexual intercourse creates a dependency syndrome on those involved in it especially women. The companionship of men and women is a very good thing. But the dependence of one on the other for how to live one’s life even in marriage is wrong. One of the key elements of the Foundation for Joyful Relationships is independence. Partnerships are made stronger if both partners have a life of their own which they are offering to the relationship. This is why the education of women is considered the most important education any nation can provide for the good of the society.

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