My Wife Loves Me But Doesn’t Desire Me

My Wife Loves Me But Doesn't Desire Me

Menopausal Vaginal Dryness

Menopause is often called “the Curse” or the “Change”. Personally I prefer to refer to menopause as “the Change” because not all aspects of leaving the reproductive part of life are negative. There are benefits such as: no more messy periods to deal with. No more worrying about unwanted pregnancy. Women who experience heavy or painful periods finally get relief. There is however, a downside to menopause. You may experience some, or all of the following symptoms: hot flushes, irritability, vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse.

Potent Herbs Used In Female Libido Supplements

It’s estimated that 40% of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. Problems may be caused by poor blood circulation or a hormone imbalance. Stress, fatigue and anxiety can also play a role. Female libido supplements contain all natural ingredients formulated to enhance sexual health and vitality. Some of the plants and herbs traditionally used to restore the female sex drive are described below.

A Basic Look At Female Sexual Enhancers

There comes a time when women lose their sexual drive. This is a normal occurrence and may be caused due to a number of reasons. They may be things that are consumed or changes in the female system such as hormonal imbalances. Female sexual enhancers will come in handy during such situations. Read more here…

Skyrocket Your Sex Life With Lesbian Porn

Watching porn with your partner is definitely a great way to make both of you more sexually active and willing to try new and different things you wouldn’t normally get into with “regular sex”. While watching porn movies together before and while you are having sex, you can discuss with her what techniques that she likes or wants to try out…

Premature Ejaculation Cure – Amazing Solutions

As men we know one of the worst things that can happen to us is premature ejaculation. When you and your partner are ready to have sex the last thing you want to experience is failure. Unfortunately for some men they regularly experience this problem. Now, the big question is how can you get rid of this problem once and for all. This problem what has been bugging you and hindering your sex life has to be taken care of. In this article I will go through few simple solutions in which you can prevent premature ejaculation and bring back your sex life.

Premature Ejaculation – Alcohol Can Impair Your Sexual Performance

A healthy body is required for optimum sexual performance. Excessive alcohol constitutes an abuse to the body and hence aids premature ejaculation. Take good care of your body and it will serve you.

End Premature Ejaculation With Good Nutrition

Poor nutrition may be the cause of your premature ejaculation. Although, there are other causes such as depression, stress and poor hygiene. Men are advised to take good note of their diet if they wish to keep off the ailment.

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