How to Give a Woman an Orgasm by Licking Her Clitoris

A womans clitoris is the most sensitive part of her entire body. In fact it has more than double the amount of nerve endings than the head of your penis. So if you plan to bring your woman to orgasm by licking her clitoris then you better know what you are doing.

How to Please a Woman – 5 Tips That Every Man Should Know

In this article, I am not going to provide you sex short cut tips, rather I’m going to tell you that how you can please your women in bed. The basic purpose of this write up is to make you know the basics of how to please a woman in bed. According to me, every man should be aware of these techniques because the strength of the male and female relationship depends on this activity.

Unleash Confidence Like Never Before

When you think about the women you are attracted to, don’t they seem confident? When you see certain guys, who seem like they always have the right things to say, be confident in interacting and flirting with these women – don’t they seem confident? So where is your confidence? Why should you rob yourself of the woman you want, simply because you don’t feel like you are good enough, or attractive enough, or intellectual enough, etc. There’s a keyword in that last sentence…”rob”. Stop robbing yourself in public and in the bedroom! For whatever shortcomings you think you have, or that you have experienced in the past, you can overcome a lot if you simply gain some confidence and give yourself some credit.

How to Please a Woman With Only Your Tongue

Not knowing how to give a woman an orgasm can be frustrating for both of you. Your sex life will go downhill because she won’t want sex as she gets nothing from it. You will feel less manly because you are unable to fulfil her most basic sexual need.

How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed – Make Her Feel Special in the Bedroom!

Want to know about how to satisfy a woman in bed then you are at the right place. All of us have an idea that all women want their men to make them feel special in the bedroom. Every woman wants loving and caring partner. According to me, the reason behind long lasting relationship is fulfillment of her desires and wants.

The Idol of Ejaculation

Men, if you are not complete without a wife you are not ready for marriage. So then, after you realize that you are complete, how do you know that she is the one? Is it her eyes? Is it her hair? Is it the way she walks? It must be her killing body, right? “That girl doesn’t miss one day in the Gym!” Or is it the way she makes you feel every time you kiss her?

500 Intimate Questions Review Michael Webb

Michael Webb was kind enough to forward me a copy of his latest book 500 Intimate Questions For Couples. I was pretty excited to receive the email when it arrived as I thought it would be a fun thing for my wife and I to go through (you can see what happened with that here).

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