Maitland Ward on Porn’s Women Directors

Ways to Enhance Libido and Testosterone in Men

It’s not just women who experience a drop in their sexual appetite as they get older. A lot of men also suffer with low libido in middle age. This article lists some of the best ways to enhance libido and testosterone in men naturally and safely.

Better Sex Through Sensory Control

Better sex is always a worthy goal for a couple, especially if they need to spice things up a little. Exercising sensory control can add novelty and excitement.

Penis Care Steps for Optimal Health

Who doesn’t want to avoid penis health issues? In the interest of preserving form and function for years to come, men can take the following penis care steps.

Libido and Diet – Foods to Avoid for Better Sex

Just as certain foods are thought to increase libido, others may dampen desire in the bedroom. Learn what foods to avoid when things are heating up.

Sex Tip: Recognizing Mood Killers

Here’s a simple sex tip for women: Avoiding mood killers in bed can help ensure a more successful encounter. What may seem acceptable to a woman may be challenging for a man.

Sex, Babies And Climate Science

More greenhouse gas ensures more global warming, just as more sex ensures more baby-making. The world comprises far more moving parts than a simplistic cause-and-effect argument allows.

Erectile Dysfunction – The Link With Alcohol Intake

Looking to avoid a bout of erectile dysfunction this St. Patty’s Day? Moderate the booze intake. Learn why here.

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