Length or Quality? Which is more important for sex?

Length or Quality? Which is more important for sex?

3 Unusual Sex Tips Every Man Ought to Learn (A Girl’s Guide to Sensational Sex)

Feeling like things are getting a little bit stale in the stack? You aren’t alone! A recent sex survey of 1000 partners who had been together for more than 6 months revealed that more than 75% of women were “secretly” NOT turned on by their partner.

Egalitarianism and Gender Differences

By the standard of the strict gender egalitarian, most people – both women and men – have some beliefs that they would regard as being chauvenistic. However there are miles to go between someone who thinks that there are positive, life-affirming, differences between men and women, and a real misogynist who thinks that women are evil and wants a woman for his punching bag. It is important to draw the distinction between the two, or else find oneself falling into the error of hating everyone except for a small subculture, driving away potential allies, and becoming totally ineffective on the…

What Kind of Bliss Does One Experience in a State of True Yoga or Dhyan?

The kind of bliss one experiences during true yoga or dhyan cannot be adequately expressed through words. One can only try to approximately explain it through mundane experiences.

Clearing Up Those “Blurred Lines”

“I hate these blurred lines.” Robin Thicke certainly gets this point across in his new hit song, appropriately titled, “Blurred Lines.” The song has been quite the rage since its July 30th debut and quickly climbed the charts to #1 within its first week. Why can’t a woman “want it” and also be a “good girl?” In today’s society, both in America and around the world, men are generally heralded for their sexual prowess while women are vilified. To clear these “blurred lines” we suggest to bring more consciousness and understanding to sexual energy, or “Sexual Life Force Energy” (SLFE). SLFE is the spark of all life; it’s how we got here. It’s life force in all that is alive-humans, animals, and plants-to procreate and perpetuate existence. It’s sex, orgasm, and yes, it is the energy that fuels creating anything and everything from our evening meal to a great piece of art. It then seems absurd that this energy should be anything but celebrated.

Women Take on All the Key Risks of Intercourse

There is no clear evidence that women have (or that they should have) a sex drive. Women are impregnated through intercourse so they are likely to be more choosy about opportunities to engage in sexual activity especially with a male.

Five Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Many things can interfere with our desire for sex, but maintaining an extra-special level of closeness with our partner elevates the relationship from being simply a house share with a special friend. Let’s look at some things that can be done to improve your sex life.

Managing Penis Odor – Battling Below the Belt Smells With Vitamin A

When it comes to the manhood, penis odor is not a problem one wants to have. Using a penis formula containing vitamin A can help fight odor-causing bacteria so the manhood stays fresh all day long.

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