It’s okay to not want sex!!

It’s okay to not want sex!!

How to Get Your Wife to Desire You Like Never Before

Desire is a state of mind. That’s right – it’s all in the head. But, that emotion can trigger a lot of other emotions. Here are some tips that can help you get your wife/loved one to desire you like never before.

Every Day Activities That Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Do you know that there are every day activities that you & your spouse/loved one do together that give you the opportunity to turn up the heat & make them into sensual moments? Read on for some tips that can help you turn those moments into sensual situations & spice up your sex life.

Do You Enjoy Receiving Oral Sex? Share This With Her

Oral sex is one of those very intimate acts that guys enjoy a lot. When you are performing blow job on him, you have his full trust and he is at your mercy because you control every moment of his pleasure. It is the ultimate sexual gift you can give to your guy. Here are the best tips for great oral sex.

Multiple Orgasms Techniques – 4 Tips That Will Send Her Over The Edge Many Times Over!

Ever wanted your girl to experience multiple orgasms but not sure how? It’s not just something that happens in the movies: if you follow the advice outlined below, you will surely help her to achieve multiple climaxes during sex. You’re both definitely missing out if she’s only ever has one orgasm during sex, there is so much more pleasure to experience!

Sex Positions That Will Get Your Girl To A Sensational G-Spot Climax!

Are you looking for a way to give your lover more of those big O moments? It can sometimes seem like rocket science. But here I will show you how the simplest positions can do wonders for her.

What Do Women REALLY Want In A Sex Partner? Find Out How YOU Can Be What She Wants In Bed!

Here is what they are saying, and how you can be the type of guy she wants to have sex with! “I want a guy who cares more about my pleasure than his own.” If you are more concerned with getting yourself off during sex, women can sense that in a heartbeat.

How to Have A Boy Part 4

Choosing the gender of the baby has encircling around the issues of the women. Not to think that the key is of the male. There are many superstitions of before that help predicts the gender of the baby of your choice.

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